Dr. Baruch Kushnir

Dr. Baruch Kushnir is considered the major authority on the treatment of encopresis, enuresis, and potty-training in Israel. He has been running a network of fifteen clinics that specialize in these subjects since 1982. By 2019, a total of about 40,000 children have been treated in his clinics. In tandem with therapeutic work, Dr. Kushnir and his staff conduct research in collaboration with universities in Israel and the US. In 2008 he produced his animated movie “The Magic Bowl” that’s helped thousands of children to move ahead from diapers.

Academic qualifications:

  • 1970—B.A. Psychology and Sociology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1972—M.Sc. Industrial Psychology, Hull University, UK
  • 1975—Ph.D. Medical Psychology, Hull University, UK
  • 1977—M.Sc. Clinical Psychology, Leeds University, UK

Publications and productions:

  1. 1991, Bed Wetting—Family Guide, Dr. Baruch Kushnir, Daria Publishing (in Hebrew).
  2. 2007, Potty-Training Course, Israeli Television—The Parents’ Channel. A three-chapter comprehensive program that relates to numerous potty-training issues.
  3. 2008, The Magic Bowl. Animated potty-training musical (in English and Hebrew on DVD and in the mobile App Store and Play Store).
  4. 2011, The Magic Bowl—Potty Training Made Easy: A Parent’s Guide, Price World Publishing (included with the book is the DVD of The Magic Bowl movie).
  5. 2011, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children—Therapeutic Principles, Mor, N., Mayers, Y., Marom, S., Gilboa, Schechtman, E., (editors). The chapter on Bed-Wetting, Causes and Treatment by Dr. Jonathan Kushnir and Dr. Baruch Kushnir.
  6. Cohen-Zrubavel, V., Kushnir, B., Kushnir, J., Sadeh, A. Sleep and sleepiness in children with nocturnal enuresis, Sleep, 2001, 34(2):191–194. 20
  7. Kushnir, J., Kushnir, B., Sadeh, A. Children treated for Nocturnal Enuresis:
  8. Characteristics and trends over a 15-year period. Child and Youth Care Forum, 2013, 42(2), 119–129.
  9. Kushnir, J., Cohen-Zrubavel, V., Kushnir, B. Night diapers use and sleep in children with
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Our team

All members of our support team are psychologists with a doctorate or graduate degrees in psychology. All are specially trained in the field of bedwetting and sphincter control problems, and work closely with Dr. Baruch Kushnir .

Naama Rot

Leading bedwetting expert

Jonatan Kushnir

Bedwetting expert


Bedwetting expert

Avia Monchik

Bedwetting expert

bedwetting expert

Shiran Lifshin

Bedwetting expert

Einat Yakir

Bedwetting expert