The Book

  • “My child asks for a diaper every time she needs to poop.”
  • “My child never poops in the toilet; only in his pants.”
  • “My child has to release some feces in his pants before going to the toilet.”
  • “My child withholds his poo for days to the point where he can’t eat or move.”
  • “I am exhausted by the useless trials of offering rewards, giving stool softeners, giving reminders, comparing my child to others, and being furious.”

If any of those statements sound familiar,

This is exactly the book for you!

Dr. Baruch Kushnir presents here a description of his intervention model that has freed thousands of children from encopresis by pinpointing 3 different groups:

Toilet anxiety: Children who can only poop in a diaper or in their pants.
Soiling: Children who can use the toilet for defecation but also release feces into their pants.
Soiling and prolonged constipation: Children who refrain from having a bowel movement for many days or even weeks.

For each group, he provides a unique, practical, effective, step-by-step program for parents to carry-out.

Dr. Baruch Kushnir explains to parents the pointlessness of their repetitive trials of offering rewards, giving stool softeners, giving reminders, becoming angry, comparing their child to others, reading books, etc.

In his clinic and in this book, he makes a point of releasing parents and children from the vicious cycle of doing more and more of the same useless, distressing, and damaging actions. Instead, he presents creative, innovative, and effective interventions.

Chapter 5 of the book is dedicated to sensitive toilet training and provides a list of Dos and Don’ts to avoid crucial parenting mistakes.