Step by step treatment guide

I wrote this guide on the basis of experience in treatment of about 40,000 bedwetting children in my clinics in Israel. I made a special effort so that any family could bring their child into a state of complete dryness. During the 40 years we have been implementing the bedwetting alarm in our clinics, we have developed a variety of tools to deal with just about every obstacle that may arise during the course of treatment. In particular the following two:

Deep sleep & Multiple wetting incidents at night

These tools are presented for your use in the guide. Commencing with simple interventions, followed by more complex ones. All you have to do is read the instructions carefully and implement them step by step.

For more severe hurdles of deep sleep, multiple wetting incidents during the night and other more specific problems and obstacles we provide our personal guidance and support service via our friendly interactive online progress chart.

The guide content is as follows:

  1. Factors responsible for bed wetting.
  2. Principles of treatment intervention using the Bedwetting alarm.
  3. Step by step guidance re working with the bedwetting alarm.
  4. The Progress Chart
  5. Frequently asked questions. I have included in the guide a long list of answers to the most common questions in the field. I have tried to provide an answer to any question that concerns families coping with bedwetting. I would be happy to provide answers to more questions. All you have to do is simply write to us.