How to treat bed wetting, Parents’ guidance and information?

Assistance, information, books and apps regarding toilet training.

Game-changing solutions for Toilet Anxiety, Soiling, and Constipation in Children.

Why Us ?


We have 40 years of experience in the care of 40,000 children with a variety of toilet training and sphincter control problems.


Our staff members are psychologists with a doctorate or master's degree in psychology. All of them underwent special training in the treatment of bed wetting. They also work in close contact with Dr. Baruch Kushnir under his guidance .


Our ongoing experience with so many thousands of children constantly enriches and expands our knowledge and allows us to update, innovate and improve working methods. Alongside therapeutic work, we also engage in research and publish articles in leading scientific journals. We are constantly continuing to learn.
Kushnir, Bedwetting, Encopresis, Potty training
Dr. Baruch Kushnir
Dr. Baruch Kushnir is considered the major authority on the treatment of encopresis, enuresis, and potty-training in Israel. In tandem with therapeutic work, Dr. Kushnir and his staff conduct research in collaboration with universities in Israel and the US.

Our Staff Members

Dr. Jonathan Kushnir

Vice general manager – Bedwetting Expert

Dalit Noga Lavi

Customer relations manager and pre-treatment consultant.

Bed wetting expert

Maya Lach

Bedwetting Expert

Encopresis expert

Maayan Gerecht

Bedwetting Expert

Bedwetting expert

Noa Ben Aharon

Bedwetting Expert

Encopresis expert

Adi Rozen

Bedwetting Expert

Psychology Of Child

Yael Plotkin

Bedwetting Expert

Psychology Of Child

Omer Amit

Bedwetting Expert

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