Dr. Kushnir’s model based on alarm treatment of over 30000 Bedwetting children in Israel. How to work with the Bedwetting Alarm and Succeed! A Step by Step
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Dr. Baruch Kushnir’s model for understanding, diagnosing and treatment of Encopresis: Toilet Anxiety, Soiling and Constipation The Book: Encopresis you can Beat it! Dr. Baruch Kushnir’s step by step parent’s guide. Consulting services.


Books, Parent’s guides and Counseling services.
Years of activity
Over 30,000 patients

Why Us?

Our therapeutic approach

Our treatment offers interventions that will lead to solving the bedwetting problem in the most efficient, simple and shortest way. We tailor the treatment individually to each child while gradually integrating different tools depending on the pace and pattern of progress.

The experience

We have over thirty years of experience in the care of over thirty thousand children who have experienced bedwetting. Our clinics are among the oldest and most experienced in Israel and around the world in treating bedwetting.

The knowledge

Our ongoing experience with so many children constantly enriches and expands our knowledge and allows us to update, innovate and improve working methods. Alongside therapeutic work, we also engage in research and publish articles in leading scientific journals. We are constantly continuing to learn ... from the field, professional literature, and international conferences.

The staff

Our staff members are psychologists with a doctorate or master's degree in psychology. All of them underwent special training in the treatment of bedwetting and work in close contact with Dr. Baruch Kushnir under his guidance .

The professional support

This is a component of paramount importance to the success of the bedwetting alarm treatment. In addition to the detailed training in the clinic, our professional staff provides guidance, instruction and support throughout the treatment period. Patients are welcome to use our support services at any time and for any question or problem that arises.


We encourage and enable direct contact on any question, on any subject and at any time with our professional staff.

Preliminary Diagnostic Questionnaire

Identify your child’s problem

Success Stories

“My name’s O. T., and I came to your clinic when I was 7 and was still wetting the bed at night. After a short treatment of two weeks I was able to stop it, and now I’ve been dry for six months. I want to say thank you very much - to you and the alarm bell you gave me - because of both of you I feel much better, more confident and now I can go to sleepovers at my friends and they can come for a sleepover in my house. I didn’t think it was possible in such a short time but it’s a fact, I did it. I want to say to all kids who still wet the bed not to wait until they’re seven but to go to the clinic as soon as possible and get dry quickly - just like happened to me. Thank you very much again for your devoted treatment and the nice way you behaved with me. O. T. – who loves getting up dry every morning.”
From a 7-year old boy
“Hi, I contacted the clinic after feeling desperate with so many attempts and prejudice and after our first session we realized everything we’d done wasn’t enough (not letting him drink at bedtime, waking him up and so on). We understood that we were now in the good hands of professional physicians. We started treatment with the cordless alarm and in a week the problem was absolutely solved. Today, four years later, there hasn’t been a single bedwetting incident... I recommend with all my heart the clinic, the courteous treatment staff give patients, and the rapid replies and results that at first sounded unlikely but it’s a fact - it works and how! So although it’s a bit late, thank you and I really recommend you. Sincerely, S. L..”
An 11-year-old bedwetter