Potty training from age 0

There are now approaches that implement potty training encouraging actions almost from the moment the child is born. At the basis of these approaches is the understanding that the child must be accustomed to identifying their needs and doing them in different places from the diaper from the first days of their lives  . This is to reduce the absolute dependence on the diaper.

The application of this approach does not require a complete avoidance of using a diaper for all its unpleasant consequences. Diapers can be used as a routine but at the same time give the baby the experience of defecating outside the diaper (in the sink, bath, in nature, etc.) as often as possible. Such frequent experiences will teach the baby at a very early stage to recognize the pressure in the bladder and colon and the need to defecate. They also get used to defecating in different places from the diaper and experience very effective preparation for the complete parting from the diaper later.