Dr. Baruch Kushnir

How to work with the bedwetting alarm and succeed

A comprehensive step-by-step guide

  • Planning to start treating your child with a Bedwetting Alarm?
  • Hesitating?
  • Have experienced failure in previous attempts?

About the book

I urge you to explore my comprehensive step-by-step parent’s guide.

With over 40 years of successful treatment for more than 40,000 children, I share here the step-by-step guidance provided to families at my Bedwetting Clinic.

The primary goal of the treatment should be to achieve Absolute Dryness. This refers to a state in which children (and adults) are unable to involuntarily wet the bed while sleeping. They either sleep uninterrupted or wake up naturally to use the toilet due to bladder pressure. Achieving absolute dryness allows individuals to freely consume fluids before bedtime, eliminates the need for bathroom visits prior to sleep, eliminates the necessity of waking up during the night, renders them unaffected by room temperature at night, and ensures that their mood or emotional experiences do not lead to bedwetting.

In Chapter 2, I lead parents through a systematic therapeutic process, addressing obstacles like deep sleep and multiple nighttime incidents. With a cookbook-like approach, complete with progress charts and illustrative examples, the guide provides a sense of personal training tailored to your child’s unique needs. The structured format ensures that, by following the steps, failure becomes highly unlikely.

The book is not just a guide; it is a source of strength and encouragement. My method empowers parents to overcome even the most challenging hurdles in the treatment process. It instills confidence and offers solutions, reinforcing the belief that success is achievable.

Chapter 1 delves into the causes of bedwetting, treatment methods, and crucial considerations in selecting a Bedwetting Alarm. It covers diverse parental strategies, professional treatments, medicinal options, historical approaches, and common parenting mistakes.

Chapter 3 reviews drug treatments, including Desmopressin and Oxybutynin, commonly recommended by doctors.

To address your specific queries, Chapter 4 compiles 34 frequently asked questions with detailed answers. I also invite you to reach out for personalized support via email or Facebook.

Your journey doesn’t end with the book. I encourage feedback, reviews, and ratings, fostering a continuous improvement loop to refine and enhance the training experience.

Wishing you and your child lasting success.

Dr. Baruch Kushnir

Publication date

March 5, 2024


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111 pages



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About the author

Dr. Baruch Kushnir
Dr. Baruch Kushnir is considered the major authority on the treatment of encopresis, enuresis, and potty-training in Israel. In his clinic he has been specializing in these subjects since 1982. By 2023, a total of over 40,000 children have been treated in his clinic. In tandem with therapeutic work, Dr. Kushnir and his staff conduct research in collaboration with universities in Israel and the US.
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