How to begin?

The child readyness

The child readiness is manifested in a number of areas. Physiological (sensing pressure in the bladder and intestines), physical (fine and gross motor skills), emotional (need to act like adults), perceptual (ability to understand, express). Most children reach readiness between the ages of one and a half and two and a half years, but it turns out that it is rather the readiness of the parents that will determine the nature of the process and the degree of its success.

Parents’ readyness

Parents play a crucial role in the toilet training process and can make it pleasant and harmonious or full of anger and frustration. In order to contribute the most to success, parents must begin when they are available, ready and full of patience. It is recommended to adopt a number of principles that will ensure a positive, effective and short experience that will strengthen the child’s developing.

Remember – toilet training is a transition from one habit to another. This is not an easy task for adults and especially for children and it is an important milestone in shaping the child's personality.