Nighttime potty training

Night weaning usually occurs between the ages of one and two and a half years on a natural basis without any external intervention. If the child wakes up with a dry diaper for several consecutive nights, the parents realize that weaning has probably occurred, and they can stop using the diaper. When night dryness is delayed it is advisable to try one of the following steps:

1. Remove the diaper at night simultaneously with removing the diaper during the day (as part of a potty training procedure initiated by the parents).
In this method, the child should be allowed to go to bed without special intervention such as restricting drinking, special care to be taken to the toilet before bed time or initiated wakenings during the night.
Some children respond well to this initiative and stop wetting at night parallel to their progress during the day.

It is recommended to allocate a limited period of time of about two weeks to the process. If an increase in the frequency of dry nights during this time is observed, it can be concluded that the child is indeed becoming dry at night. If you no such a trend is observed, parents should return to full use of the diaper and wait a few more weeks / months. In such a situation, it is also possible to start treatment using a bedwetting alarm, which is applied very successfully from the age of 3 and can also be performed while using a diaper.

2. Remove the diaper at night once the child has been in complete control of their bladder during the day for a significant period of time but still wet at night. Follow the same instructions as described in the previous section.