DRI Sleeper Excel – Bedwetting Alarm for Children

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  • Dual-Sided Bedwetting Sensor with 18 moisture sensing strips, which provides a large surface area for fast detection of urine
  • Loud Alarm set to a frequency that is ideal for helping deep-sleeping children stop wetting the bed
  • Long cord (85cm / 33″) – for extra reach between the moisture sensor and the enuresis alarm clipped to the shoulder of the child’s pyjamas
  • Works with Children’s diapers, pull-ups or kid’s overnight training pads
  • Flexible Plastic Sensor – safe, easy to clean & won’t rust or corrode in pee

The Excel Alarm is attached by a clip to the shoulder of your child’s night-shirt. The plug-in cord runs under the nightshirt to the enuresis sensor inserted in the child’s underwear. Because the sensor goes right inside the underwear, it can be used with pull-ups and diapers, unlike alarms with old-fashioned clip-on sensors. The different placement options are particularly good for boys who may wet in different areas.

  • Batteries included (4 * LR44)
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Toll-free support phone number and email
  • Access to our Online Resource Kit for DRI Sleeper Customers